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Santos Roberto (Bob) Zamora was born in a small mining town in the hills of Arizona about 60 miles from Phoenix. He is the product of Mexican immigrants that settled in New Mexico and migrated westward over the course of a few generations. By the mid-1950s his parents landed in Southern California where Bob grew up. His father and mother raised him with strong discipline and even stronger family values. His father’s time in the American Military instilled in Bob a sense of duty and determination, as well as an aspiration to achieve excellence both personally and professionally.


During the Vietnam Era, Bob was drafted into the Army and served his country as a Personnel Management Specialist. After the military, Bob began his first business as the owner of a small tavern in the City of Industry near Los Angeles. As owner and operator of the “Buckhorn”, Bob learned many valuable lessons about how to successfully run a business at a very young age.


In 1972 at the age of 23, Bob married the love of his life, Christina (deceased), and they were happily married for more than 40 years. They have three children, Deanna, Christopher and Susan, all of which have careers in automobile-related industries. Deanna, working in the advertising field, has held positions with Ruben Postaer on the American Honda Account and Team One Advertising on the Lexus Account, and currently heads up the

group’s social and digital marketing, promotions and advertising. Christopher, having worked as a District Sales Manager with American Honda for five years is now a Dealer and Zamora Automotive business partner and he oversees operations of four Arizona dealerships. Susan is currently a District Sales Manager for the Acura Division of American Honda in the Chicago District.


In 1973, Bob began his career in the Automobile Business as a salesman at a Ford Dealership in Southern California. Through much hard work and determination, Bob was rewarded with the opportunity to open a small Honda Dealership in Lodi, California. In 1981, Bob moved his family to the Central Valley of Northern California, where Bob accelerated his desire for continued professional growth.

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