TLMODA Quarterly Newsletter (MARCH 2018)


Focus on Forward ~ The Journey Continues

It’s been an amazing journey for the association the past two years as we have dug deep to do a self-assessment defining who we are and what impact we intend to have on society. In this assessment, we have developed a robust five-year strategy with primary goals of Leadership Development, Membership Engagement, and Leveraging Relationships! We have a concrete road map and a dedicated board of directors that will lead us to accomplish the goals we’ve set forth. Our dedicated founding members have welcomed new talent to the board of directors who are positioned to lead the organization into the future with a Focus on Forward.

Members, don’t miss the opportunity to put your personal mark on the legacy of this association. We need your talent to help us achieve all that we have set out to do. Our membership should be strong. Two board committees have recently been established and we are seeking committee members: Technology Committee, chaired by Steve Jackson, and the Membership Engagement Committee, chaired by Jeremy Hodge. You are encouraged to bring forth your talent and expertise to help us Focus on Forward! Some of our members are in the process of succession planning so that generational wealth is in place for their families. All members are encouraged to start this lengthy and sometimes challenging process to make sure what you desire for the wealth you have accumulated will be handled according to your wishes. This won’t happen without thoughtful and methodical planning and determination. TLMODA is working with the manufacturer to assure that a standard and consistent process is available to our members. Toyota will be presenting information you need to know to create your own succession plan at the membership meeting in March, so this is a meeting everyone should attend. It is incumbent on the dealers to be educated. Stay tuned!

Serving community is something individual dealer owners are committed to; you will read about one such community service event in this newsletter. All of our members are encouraged to communicate to TLMODA what you are doing on a local level. We can assist you with getting the manufacturer’s matching dollars and we want to share your story. TLMODA wouldn’t exist without the support and commitment of Toyota Motor Sales; we say thank you for your past support and your commitment as we Focus on Forward. Hoping all of our members will contact our Executive Director, Robert Hatchett ( to see how you can engage and impact what’s happening with TLMODA – we are Focused on Forward!

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